viernes, 6 de agosto de 2010

Blog of the third stage of "Shark Project" day 2

First day of diving, 6/08/10.- it is 7:30 pm and fell´s like 12:00 am, I'm very tired but happy.

I got up at 5:00 am to get ready and get to the dive center at 6:00 where I met the host of the trip Andy Murch, to my surprise when we arrived, they say that the weather was bad and we can not leave, What? repeated if the bad luck of the whale shark. They send me back to the hotel and tell me to wait, at 10:00 the phone rings and the good news came, let's dive!.

We could not reach the wreck where the highest concentration of sharks, so we went to two shipwrecks, one called the "Titan" and the other the "USS Indra," where we had the opportunity to see more 8 sharks ranging from one to three meters, these sharks were accompanied by several species, barracudas, esmedregales, sardines used to sharks to protect themselves from predators.

Truly the perfect confinement, sharks shipwrecks. Hopefully tomorrow is equal or better.


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